How to get Government Agency loans for buying a child home.


What are Social Institute 2017 home loans and who are they for?

What are Social Institute 2017 home loans and who are they for?

In October 2011, Social Institute introduced the possibility for public employees and pensioners to obtain multi-year loans to purchase a house destined to become the residence of an adult child who wishes to form their own family. But how to get Government Agency loans for home child purchase ? What are the requirements? Let’s see it together.

Multi-year loans are loans aimed at and are granted only in the face of documented personal or family needs of the applicant, falling within the cases established by the Social Institute Loan Regulations, including the purchase of the first home of an adult child.

The beneficiaries

These loans are aimed at all employees and pensioners registered in the Unified Management of Credit and Social Benefits (Social Institute Credit Fund) and who can boast at least four years of service life useful for retirement.

For access to credit, it is also necessary to have a contribution contribution to the aforementioned Management of not less than four years. In the event that an employee in service is applying for the loan, the presence of a permanent employment contract is also required .

Rate and refund

Rate and refund

The Social Institute loans required for the purchase or construction of the child’s residence house foresee a maximum financeable amount of 150 thousand USD to be repaid in ten years. The amortization plan is in monthly installments of a constant amount and the rate is equal to 3.50%.

In addition to the interest rate on the gross amount of the benefit, a rate for administration costs of 0.50% and a premium for the Social Institute risk provision are also applied. The amount of the award is defined according to the age of the applicant and the duration of the funding.

The transferable portion, i.e. the monthly installment, of Government Agency loans for the purchase of a child’s home cannot exceed the fifth part of the applicant ‘s salary or pension net of taxes. Salary from which installments are deducted monthly. The repayment of the loan begins in the second month following that of granting the loan.

The request

But how to get Government Agency loans for home child purchase? The loan application, with all the documentation indicated in the Social Institute Loan Regulations attached, can only be sent electronically. The application form is available in Pdf format in the Forms section of the Social Institute. site.

Public service employees must submit an application through the administration they belong to. Pensioners, on the other hand, can submit the credit request autonomously through the specific online procedure, by accessing the reserved area of ​​the Social Institute website with the device PIN.

How to calculate Government Agency loan

How to calculate Government Agency loan

Those who wish to carry out a loan simulation can use the special online service on the Social Institute portal. To do this, simply connect to the Social site and access the Performance and Services section. At this point it will be sufficient to choose the “Public Employee Management: simulation calculation of small loans and multi-year loans” service.

The user therefore has to choose between three calculation methods:

  • loan simulation;
  • simulation by ideal installment;
  • simulation for specific amount.

Once you have selected the type of calculation you want to perform, simply enter the required data in the appropriate form. The system will therefore propose all the Social Institute ex Government Agency loans (both small loans and long-term loans) accessible to the user, based on the data entered.

Social Institute assistance

Public employees and pensioners who wish to obtain more information regarding Government Agency loans for home purchase or other Social Institute services ex Government Agency can contact the Social Institute Contact Center.

The service provides information and assistance to all Social Institute members. To meet the needs of employees and pensioners, the Contact Center uses both an automatic service (active 24 hours a day) and operators. In order to provide adequate assistance also to foreign workers, information can be transmitted not only in Italian but also in seven foreign languages.

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